Hi everyone. Welcome!

After learning more about social media and html formatting and ebook publishing and website building and maintaining a blog and getting book reviews and ways to market to readers who prefer word of mouth recommendations over the last six weeks I’m ready to launch what I hope will be a sustainable business writing informed fiction that bridges the gap between the public and proverbial ivory tower.

Though after learning all of what it takes to be successful in the Indy publishing business I still have one pressing question—just when in the hell are we supposed to find time to write?

The content on this website will vary between topics brought up in The Boétie Legacy, and a World in Peril, relevant current events, personal and writing related posts, and ideas for framing to the Project for a People’s Global Mandate (PPGM).

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Let the fun begin!


Bridging the gap between the public and the academy.

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People Power, Civil Resistance, and Social Transformation: An Introduction to Nonviolent Conflict
The Boétie Legacy, and a World in Peril
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