Creating an informed public: Thank you Edward J. Snowden!


Two years ago Snowden changed the game by exposing the degree to which factions in our government have abused their powers and obliterated any idea that we, the people, have any say in how we are governed.

With this knowledge comes personal responsibility, and our children will hold us accountable even if we fail to do so ourselves.

Today’s patriots are not those who unthinkingly support our country’s wars or participate in meaningless arguments created to keep us divided with nonsensical (as in “ridiculously impractical or ill-advised”) labels like “liberal” or “conservative.”

The people standing up for the ideals (if not the actual conduct) of our country are those individuals who on a daily basis, often at risk of ridicule, ostracization, or financial hardship challenge others and our institutions when they intentionally or unknowingly spread our government’s lies and propaganda.

And the academy—supposedly a bastion of critical thought—is now fully complying with the power base directing our government’s policies.

From, The Boétie Legacy, and a World in Peril:

“I don’t know,” Luke said. “I was really disappointed when I finally made it to college in my mid–forties. I was so naïve. I thought I was entering a space of free and open discussion, and instead found out that a lot of subjects couldn’t be discussed. The academy’s not an independent institution. It has to bow to the will of its rich donors, just like our politicians. And if people suggest something that doesn’t follow the official line, they discredit them. They’re labeled a conspiracy theorist.” At least that’s how it was until WikiLeaks and Manning and Snowden came along, Luke thought. After them, anyone calling someone a conspiracy theorist looks like a fool or a lackey or complicit in the government’s lies. —

The Project for a People’s Global Mandate (PPGM), introduced in The Boétie Legacy, begins the discussion of humanity assuming ultimate sovereignty, creating a world system based on our highest cross-cultural values, and enforcing government and corporate compliance through a decentralized international strategic nonviolent campaign of increasingly greater response.

Read Edward Snowden’s two-year anniversary message here:

The World Says No to Surveillance by Edward J. Snowden

Bridging the gap between the public and the academy.

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