Do you feel helpless in a world of perpetual war?


Instead, resist. Come together and help us claim humanity’s right to power. Those pitting us against one another can only do so with our cooperation. Take it back!

Learn the myths power uses to keep us divided, and how we can use nonviolent conflict to transform our world system into one based on our highest cross cultural values.

The Boétie Legacy, and a World in Peril, is political fiction set in a contemporary romance between Jo Novak and Luke Canton in Granada, Nicaragua, who are meeting the challenges of a mature sexual relationship while living abroad in one of the poorest countries in the Western hemisphere. Legacy explores the popular myths in the United States fueling perpetual war and the rise of nonviolent conflict over the last century as the most powerful transformational force on earth. Kezer then argues that humanity can soon claim ultimate sovereignty over the planet, and he builds the case for launching the Project for a People’s Global Mandate (PPGM) to do so.

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People Power, Civil Resistance, and Social Transformation: An Introduction to Nonviolent Conflict
The Boétie Legacy, and a World in Peril
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