This is what keeps me in the game…

First paragraph from an upcoming book on nonviolent conflict.

“What if we had a way to counter oppression, and win, without using violence to do so? A way to engage conflict with as much expectation of success as if we used violence, but that still allows us to uphold our highest ideals of conduct toward one another? Is there a force that can take us out of the revolutionary cycle of violence that simply shifts who is in power, and instead allow us to transform our counties into freer, more democratic, and more compassionate societies—ways of living that honor people, our future, and the planet over greed, corruption, and political expediency? Can this be possible? Many people think so, and the research suggests they are right. Given our world’s current state of perpetual war and the inevitable conflicts looming ahead from climate change, is there anything more important to our survival, the sustainability of our planet, and possibly our collective soul than finding less destructive ways to resolve our differences?”


Bridging the gap between the public and the academy.

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