And another call for revolution. But…

Please get past the “evil empire” term in the article if it’s a trigger (I’m not a fan of it either…)

This is a great article describing the morphing of capitalism to gangsterism – the use of economic hit men, bribery, assassinations, and the preplanned fleecing of entire societies.

And again the idea of a global revolution is brought forth.

BUT no one is talking about what that would look like! What, the entire world at war? Us against the states with their militaries? Is more violence really the answer for a world already consumed by war, poverty, and environmental destruction?

Please see The Project for a People’s Global Mandate, for a different alternative – one that can take us out of the revolutionary cycle of violence and transform our world system into one that is freer, more democratic, and more sustainable.

The Project may seem crazy and I may need help.

But we have to start somewhere, and our ideas or leadership will not come from those wanting to maintain the status quo.

And never forget, power needs us much more than we need them. We have greater leverage than many of us think.


The Evil Empire Has The World In A Death Grip

By Paul Craig Roberts

– See more at:

Bridging the gap between the public and the academy.

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