Enough please! Trump is just a symptom, not the disease.

From the article linked below:

“Trump is exploiting the fact that we cannot unite across our ideological divides. The only way to stop him, then, is to achieve just that kind of coordination across party lines and across divisions within parties. We have reached that moment of truth.”


Keeping us divided supports power behind the global system. Trump is just one example.

The moment of truth is not here for the United States; it’s here for humanity.

This is not about our narrow-minded focus on internal issues, it’s about saving this planet and the people on it from more of the horror we’re witnessing today.

We, the citizens of the US cannot change this on our own.

We have lost the right and ability to influence how we are governed. Period. Get over it.

Quit hiding from the fact by engaging these idiotic arguments about candidates when we know none are worthy or will do what they say and that our vote, in reality, has no meaning what-so-ever.

Our only hope at this point is a humanity united through our highest cross cultural values and finding the leadership within us at a local level to enforce our right to dictate how government and business is conducted on this planet.

Please support and help launch The Project for a People’s Global Mandate.

It’s just a start, but at least it’s that.

My friends, it’s no longer survivable to choose the lesser evil.

Our future now depends on us fighting for our highest good.

Now back to looking for a J.O.B.


The moment of truth: We must stop Trump

By Danielle Allen


Bridging the gap between the public and the academy.

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