The Paris agreement might work…

Based on the results arising from a research project I’m working on it’s starting to appear that the biggest hindrance to the statement below is not technological innovation or cultural acceptance of renewable sources of energy, but rather giving subsidies to the fossil fuel industry while increasing the regulatory fees and bureaucracy associated with renewable sources of energy.

“They go on to argue a more difficult point — that we just might see an “exponential” growth of wind and solar that is sufficient to, in turn, trigger an “implosion” of the fossil fuel industry and thus help keep within the Paris targets. Something at least this dynamic would be needed to get the world to stop emitting fast enough to stay within the temperature “guardrail” above, without relying on pie-in-the-sky technological fixes like so-called negative carbon emissions.”


This chart perfectly explains what’s at stake in the quest to stop climate change

Bridging the gap between the public and the academy.

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