My Position on the Election

I will not vote for a war criminal or any candidate of either party that intends to continue a foreign policy of aggression against the world.

We can no longer vote for the lesser evil and have a reasonable expectation of survival.

In other words if we provoke Russia into a war, which is the neocon agenda driving both the Democratic and Republican parties, we will lose and it’s game over for us, our country, and any hope our world will get better in the next millennium.

And it will happen in an hour or less.

This specific issue – the continued provocation of Russia and its consequences – is the most important issue facing our nation. It comes before race, abortion, gender rights, student loan debt, cops killing civilians or civilians killing cops, or anything else being used to keep our people divided and under the thumb of the global elites.

It’s time to buck up, wipe the snot off of our noses, and for once exercise our democratic right to vote for the greater good.

Jill Stein responds to Sanders’ endorsement of Clinton


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