The end of America?

I have never been so concerned about the safety of my family and friends, the survival of America, or the future of humanity and our planet.

My friends, we can survive any domestic issue we’re faced with given the time to do so.

But we will not survive a nuclear confrontation with Russia and China. We know Clinton is intent on following this course: the other dick-dragger we’re unsure of. So where does this leave us?

Nothing else in this election compares in importance. Americans will either find the courage to control their government or they will cease to be. Please look in the mirror, look at your children, look outside your window and then choose wisely. This buck can go no further.

“Here we Americans are going into a presidential election and the overpowering fact of our time–that Washington is threatening humanity with nuclear war–is not a subject for discussion! What is the matter with us Americans? Are we stupid beyond all belief? We sit stupidly, thinking that issues of no importance are the most important issues of our time while “our” insane government provokes nuclear war. Have any people in history failed their obligation to this extent? If so, who?”

Paul Craig Roberts

How Long Can Russia, and China, Wait

Bridging the gap between the public and the academy.

Posted in 2016 election, Democracy, Global politics, Russia

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