The lesser evil?


So my friends, when our country’s a smoldering nuclear wasteland and we’re all existing wherever it is we go after this brief time on planet, how’s it going to feel knowing that you, one of those privileged US citizens, had the choice to vote your conscience for a freer, more peaceful, and more compassionate country (hence world) yet instead allowed fear, intimidation, and blatant lies to con you into giving away your democratic right for some nebulous unsupportable idea of the lesser evil that counters the very essence of highest action now and forces you to play puppet to the global elites laughing at the comedy acting out before them?

Over time, choosing the lesser evil is what’s gotten us to this point. The only reason it’s a concept in our democracy is that people, time and time again, lost the courage to exercise their obligation to vote for the highest good.

Those of you who brought us to this point through cowardice have no right to condemn those of us correcting your mistakes.

Not one of us can show the ability to consistently predict events in our own lives, much less what happens in the lives of those as convoluted and lacking in trust, integrity, and transparency as are the members of our government. And the farther out we attempt to do so, the less likely we’ll be correct.

And how can anyone make a rational argument that Clinton is the lesser evil when compared to Trump? On the one hand we have a buffoon prone to running his mouth off and acting like a circus act. That’s Trump. We can control him, and he has little support in our government for his antics.

On the other we have the proven track record of a genocidal maniac intent on bringing the world into subservience under the American Empire regardless of the cost in lives, cultures, or our global environment. That’s Clinton. We have not been able to control her, and she has the backing of the entire neo-con community and military/industrial/academic complex now in control of our country’s destiny.

Exactly how does being an overt racist and all around dick-dragger even compare to the horror Clinton has committed and promises to escalate in the future?


Trump, our country will survive; Clinton, it will not.


This universe unfolds in the NOW. It does not exist on what might happen in the future. Our obligation and best service to humanity is to, in every moment, act in accordance with our highest understanding of truth, beauty, and goodness. It is NOT our place to act below our capacity today based on fear of consequences from standing on our highest ideals. Doing so is nothing less than cowardice, and negates our right to even have the choice.

Your beliefs matter less than your right to exercise them.

Vote accordingly.


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