On that of which isn’t being spoken…

Are there really any topics in this election more critical yet less spoken of than our provoking a war with Russia?


From the article: “We Need To Distance Ourselves From NATO If We Want To Avoid War,” by Leif Elinder, Anders Romelsjö and Martin Gelin.


“Should US/NATO strike from bases bordering on Russia, the Russian military leaders will not have time to react.


Russia has made it clear that such a situation will not be tolerated. Therefore, Russia currently applies a nuclear doctrine that allows for a nuclear strike with restrictions (“The Concept of De-escalation”). The intention of this doctrine is that with a limited first attack, the strike will make continued warfare less likely. By not fighting back, the U.S. will avoid the risk of an extension of the conflict to its own territory. Would an American president be willing to devastate his own country in order to retaliate against a Russian strike on bases in Europe?”

Bridging the gap between the public and the academy.

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