Reflection on 9/11

Fifteen years ago I woke in Delta Junction, Alaska, to witness the horror unfolding on the television.


I didn’t buy the story then, and I don’t now.


Three months later for various reasons I ended up in Eugene, Oregon. Almost everyone and everything had been cut out of my life. I was starting over, again, and at 43-years all I knew was that somehow I had to participate in bringing greater peace to our world.


Today, after more education and degrees than anyone needs and sooooo many failed personal attempts to somehow make a fucking dent in this monstrosity of a world we’ve built, I’m more unsure than ever that we’ll be able to find a farer, more peaceful, and more compassionate planet before we destroy ourselves.


But, I do know this:


That every very fiber of my being is screaming out for us to stop attempting to predict the future and basing our actions today on those imagined scenarios we think might happen later.


We’re not that smart. Not one fucking one of us; not all of together.


Instead, we have to find the courage to act according to our highest values right now.


All of our power manifests through our decisions, and what force they yield can only be used in the present.


We must accept, if we have any hope for a better world, that our survival is not as important as how we survive. Read that again.


And that, my friends, is where the proverbial rubber hits the road.


No leader becoming such in today’s world can help us. Rather our future will be determined by the sum total of the individual decisions we make each and every day.


No longer can we choose the lesser evil. Those choices have brought us to the situation we have now.


Our only hope at this point is to now fight with everything we have for the highest good we can envision right now. And there’s only one quality we possess that will see us through: courage.


Stand tall, stand strong, stand together, and never ever be conned into putting the lesser before the greater.


Bob Kezer


Bridging the gap between the public and the academy.

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