Submission Call: “Excising Amanda, and Other Accounts of Men Abused by the Partners They Loved”

Cuenca, Ecuador

This is a call to determine interest among the Ecuadorian ex-pat community for submissions to an anthology of experiences of men abused by the partners they loved. Depending on the interest this call may be extended beyond Ecuador.


Title: “Excising Amanda, and Other Accounts of Men Abused by the Partners They Loved”

Editor: Robert A. Kezer, PhD

Publisher: Mama Tungurahua Publishing

Anticipated publication: June 2017



While it is not as common as men abusing their spouses, men being abused by their partners is seldom seen by others, less accepted as real in our culture, and not as well understood by the therapeutic community attempting to help those who have suffered through the experience.

The more macho, hard-core, and conservative our individual backgrounds the harder it is for a man to admit he could be abused much less has been, or for the others in his life to accept or believe he allowed it to happen.

But the destruction done to a man’s mind, body, and soul can be every bit as real and harmful as the physical bruises a woman covers up with her cloths and makeup.

This project bridges the gap between the informed public and the professional community in an effort to facilitate the healing of our contributors and readers, to bring greater awareness of this devastating dynamic to the general public, and to help the professionals stuck with treating those who became entangled with a malicious and psychotic mind.

The end product of this effort will be an e-book on Amazon and possibly a spoken word presentation in Cuenca, Ecuador.


Clarification on the requested submissions:

We are all aware that love can sour and relationships can break down, and that as adults we are called upon to act with maturity, recognize our pain, and go through the process of moving on with our lives.

But there are other times when a person falls into the web of a psychopath who is intentionally malicious in the way they control, deceive, and manipulate their partner. This is not love that has gone bad but mental, emotional, and psychological abuse every bit as destructive as the physical violence of which we are more aware.

To help potential contributors better understand their own experiences and assist in determining if their account falls within the category of abuse intentionally inflicted on them, the following articles by Shahida Arabi are suggested reading:


“The Pathological Envy Of Narcissistic Abusers Reveals How Powerful Their Victims Are”

“20 Diversion Tactics Highly Manipulative Narcissists, Sociopaths and Psychopaths Use to Silence You”



Please message me directly if you are interested in submitting an account to this anthology.

Bridging the gap between the public and the academy.

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