Here Be Dragons

In context of the current world it seems the greater concern is not how a fascist, crook, and abuser (sorry for the redundancy) got to the presidency and what he’ll try to do with it, but rather who is attempting to take him down and why.

There’s war in 21st Century Olympus, and regardless who wins our world loses.

We have no “good side” in American politics in which to give allegiance. Those in power today have no interest at heart other than their own gained at the expense of people and the planet.

For us to regain the ability to influence how we are governed – a right we no longer have – will require efforts outside of the normal institutional channels, of which there are only two viable options: violent insurgency or a strategic nonviolent campaign designed to both erode the pillars supporting those now holding political power and then replace them with those willing to be held accountable to the citizenry they represent.

The first way leads to a less free and democratic republic and the unimaginable horror of another civil war. It keeps us in the cycle of violence where the only real change is who holds the biggest stick.

The second option requires greater thought, courage, and participation by the people but often results in a more fair, democratic, and compassionate society. This is the path to transformation, not revolution.

Be sure you know the difference: the stakes for humanity have never been greater.

My friends, question everything you read; know the source; know the bias. And no longer suffer those who paint our world in black and white. For here be dragons, and we are our own saviors.

The Coup Against Truth

By Paul Craig Roberts

Bridging the gap between the public and the academy.

Posted in Democracy, Global politics, nonviolent conflict

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