“A little help from my friends”…before I piss some of you off?

I understood the outrage against Bush (I was there…), and I understand the same now against Trump. But I still cannot understand how those same people supported Obama (much less HRC)?

Someone in this equation is suffering from a huge case of cognitive dissonance. If it’s me, please point it out (but only if you’re willing to read the attached article first…).

The way I’m seeing it…if you’re one of those people who protested Bush’s wars with us, but then idolized Obama over the next eight years as he maintained and extended our war against humanity, expanded our drone program, jailed our whistleblowers, kept Gitmo operational, began assassinating our citizens, and brought us to the brink of nuclear war with Russia then YOU may be a much greater threat to this world than those “dumb gun-toting rednecks” that so called elites, liberals, and progressives are now disparaging.

At least those “uneducated white folk” know their “truth” and walk their talk, and regardless of their brand of truth I have more respect for them than people who don’t have the morals or courage to do so.

And the argument that Trump will be worse or that Trump will do this or that is complete fantasy bullshit. Which one of us has ever done well predicting the future in our lives, much less the future actions of an American president? Never put what you think someone will do ahead of what someone has already done…unless of course you consider yourself some kind of omniscient God.

The rest of the world doesn’t give a damn about looks, style, eloquence, education, political correctness, what fucking bathroom we use or any of our other questionable and often idiotic domestic issues. They care about us killing them, destroying their countries, eliminating their cultures, and the collective survival of the human race.

And today they have exceptional reasons to do so. Really.

As Pilger states: the enemy is not Trump, it is ourselves.


The Issue Is Not Trump, It’s Us

By John Pilger

Bridging the gap between the public and the academy.

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