Karma’s kicking our American ass…

Martin Luther King, Jr., taught that racial oppression in our country was inseparable from our war on Vietnam, and that those people oppressed in our country could not hope for relief as long as they were part of the greater oppression we were imposing on others.

There are no social problems in the United States – not school shooting, not police brutality, not the sexual harassment of others, etc. – that Americans in good conscience can attempt to elevate without first and foremost working to stop the daily horrors our government is responsible for inflicting on the most destitute of our global brethren.

This is not to say that the various social movements in the United States working to achieve a more fair and just society are without merit, just that they will never be realized until we first stop reloading the karmic shotgun aimed at our head.

In other words, our woes cannot be solved without first addressing their fundamental cause: The American people’s failure to hold our leaders accountable for bringing our world to perpetual war.

Few cases are as urgent, visible, or utterly horrific as the imminent massacre of those confined to Gaza ghetto.

For 70 years our complicity in the torture and internment of the Palestinians has stripped our collective American soul of almost all vestiges of justice, fairness, or compassion.

My fellow Americans, if you want a better country you better start helping others get theirs first: That karmic shotgun’s not going to run out of shells any time soon.

Norman Finkelstein: Palestinians Have the Right to Break Free of the “Unlivable” Cage That Is Gaza


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