Bolivar, Venezuela, and the US Coup

Cuenca, Ecuador. As the situation in Venezuela worsens our gringo community is falling farther into the abyss where emotion overrides reason, misinformation dictates one’s position, and those with the audacity to hold different opinions are being condemned to that nonsensical term, conspiracy theorists (evidently with those labeling them as such aware of who coined that term and why).

Those with the education and background necessary to understand this situation are being denounced, people who couldn’t find Venezuela on a map two years ago are now experts, and the bandwagon to war is again filled with so called liberal progressives unaware of the contradictions in their position.

For those few unwilling to be pressured into blindly following the majority off another cliff further degrading humanity’s presence on the planet, another article offering insight on the history leading up to yet another US sponsored coup in Latin America.

Alexander von Humboldt, Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution



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