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On that of which isn’t being spoken…

Are there really any topics in this election more critical yet less spoken of than our provoking a war with Russia?   From the article: “We Need To Distance Ourselves From NATO If We Want To Avoid War,” by Leif

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The end of America?

I have never been so concerned about the safety of my family and friends, the survival of America, or the future of humanity and our planet. My friends, we can survive any domestic issue we’re faced with given the time

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My Position on the Election

I will not vote for a war criminal or any candidate of either party that intends to continue a foreign policy of aggression against the world. We can no longer vote for the lesser evil and have a reasonable expectation

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People do not Understand how Dangerous the Situation Really Is”

Don’t let the election games distract you too far…the more important issues are not being discussed. Good article on provoking Russia here.    

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