English for Cuencanos

Hello Cuencanos!

Speak, Read, Write, and Understand English better!

Increase your opportunities to make more money!

Ensure that you pass your exams!

Contact me now for times and prices!


Do you want to be able to speak without an accent, to understand a whole conversation, and to write with pride and the ability to express yourself?


Learning with an educated native English speaker allows you to:


  • Learn how to speak like a native.


  • Save money because you learn faster.


  • Develop the confidence to speak and write with pride.


  • Have classes based on what’s most important to you.


  • Enjoy your time learning.


A typical class consists of:


  • General conversation about your life and interests.


  • Discussing a current news article that you read about.


  • Reviewing and rewriting a short writing assignment you did at home.


  • General discussion on today’s topic including vocabulary review.


  • Listening exercise with short quiz to test comprehension.


  • Reading out loud and working on rhythm and pronunciation.


  • Grammatical correction as needed.


Contact me now for times and prices!


You can learn one-on-one with me, or bring a friend for less cost each.


We will meet at your house or other convenient location (like the social area in your building).


Hours are 0700 – 1630 Monday – Friday. Schedule a class during your lunch break and make the most of your time!


Dr. Robert Allen Kezer, PhD, CELTA









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