Integral Christ: Exploring the Kosmic Address of the Christ of the Urantia Revelation

Integral Christ_Exploring the Kosmic Address of the Christ of the Urantia Revelation copy

 ABSTRACT:This article explores Jesus Christ as depicted in the Urantia Book. It provides an introduction to the Urantia Revelation, discusses its origination story and the unique nature of the document, and comments on the controversy surrounding it. Ken Wilber’s concept of Kosmic Address is introduced and Christ is examined through the lens of the four quadrants, his level of psychological development, lines of development related to his cognitive, moral, and spiritual capacities, his mastery of states of consciousness, and how he blended the masculine and feminine aspects of his personality. It searches for shadow in Christ’s personality, his injunctions for practice, and the faith community that today follows the Urantia Revelation. In conclusion, I relate my experience studying the material over the past 20 years.

KEY WORDS: Christianity, human development, Kosmic address; lines; Urantia

 Journal of Integral Theory and Practice—Vol. 5, No. 3

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