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The United States in one succinct sentence:

“We are waiting for our Tunisian fruit seller.”   Below are a few quotes from this long article “The open source revolution is coming and it will conquer the 1% – ex CIA spy” with Robert David Steele, former Marine,

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Sorry Benjamin Franklin and James Madison…

…and then the source of education shifted from the academy to corporate news, knowledge was replaced with propaganda, and the people remained forever pitted against one another for the pleasure of their masters. “A nation of well informed (people) who

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Making Force Synonymous with Violence

One of the mistakes people make about nonviolent conflict is confusing it with passive resistance. Where the latter is an approach to life that shuns the use of force in any form, the former attempts to win a conflict by

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It’s not ALL about an informed public

What happens when most people prefer the lie? Or the system has been structured so they have no time or energy left to question what they’ve been told after meeting their family’s survival needs? Or the academy tasked with providing

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Creating an informed public: Thank you Edward J. Snowden!

Two years ago Snowden changed the game by exposing the degree to which factions in our government have abused their powers and obliterated any idea that we, the people, have any say in how we are governed. With this knowledge

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