The Project for a People’s Global Mandate

The purpose of the Project for a People’s Global Mandate is to identify humanity’s highest cross cultural values, determine how we want to co-exist through the democratic process, and create the documents (world constitution, bill of planetary sustainability, and an updated international bill of human rights) to frame our world system according to those ideas. These guidelines for our governments and corporations will then be enforced through a locally directed decentralized international strategic nonviolent campaign of ever increasing response. Our goal is not cultural hegemony, a one-world government, erasing of national boundaries, or shifting power from one group of elites to another. Rather, it is transformation to a more fare, just, inclusive, and sustainable world system where ultimate sovereignty rests with humanity, not those elected to conduct our business. Created correctly these documents will protect the inherent rights of the minority, the future for our children, and the viability of our planet while still allowing the majority to direct our course.

Please see the other pages under this tab for more information.

Introduction and Premise

World Constitution

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