Introduction to the Project for a People’s Global Mandate (PGM)


Below I present my initial ideas for the Project for a People’s Global Mandate (PPGM), which will consist of a World Constitution, an updated Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and an International Bill for a Sustainable Planet. These guidelines for government and corporate conduct around the world will be enforced through a decentralized, locally directed, international nonviolent campaign of ever widening response. As usual, if we knew now all of the challenges ahead we probably wouldn’t have the guts to continue, and we’d go drink malbec instead.

This forum is the beginning of the discussion. The Project will be an ongoing process that will continue through the initial implementation of the People’s Global Mandate (PGM) and into the future in response to issues and insights that arise as the kosmos evolves. One of humanity’s lessons has been that everything is evolving across thousands of lines of development stemming from various ways of embracing creation, and we stymie that process when we attempt to hold people, cultures, knowledge, or our world systems static in an attempt to control our future.

The purpose of the Project for a People’s Global Mandate is to identify humanity’s highest cross cultural values, determine how we want to co-exist through the democratic process, and create the documents (world constitution, bill of planetary sustainability, and an updated international bill of human rights) to frame our world system according to those ideas. These guidelines for our governments and corporations will then be enforced through a locally directed decentralized international strategic nonviolent campaign of ever increasing response. Our goal is not cultural hegemony, a one-world government, erasing of national boundaries, or shifting power from one group of elites to another. Rather, it is transformation to a more fare, just, inclusive, and sustainable world system where ultimate sovereignty rests with humanity, not those elected to conduct our business. Created correctly these documents will protect the inherent rights of the minority, the future for our children, and the viability of our planet while still allowing the majority to direct our course.

My purpose is not to lead this project to completion, but to rather bring forth these ideas, communicate them, and enlist others from around the world to determine their value and feasibility. If the Project for a People’s Global Mandate continues based on this conversation it will require the efforts of many volunteers across various disciplines and walks of life, many of which may have never been integrated before. Whatever vision I have for this project now, will not be what manifests in the end: I understand and accept this fact. For the People’s Global Mandate to become reality too much that is unknown now has to come into play, and too many lines of development across all perspectives have to evolve to set the stage for it to happen.

This project is not an effort to allow those who have been oppressed in the past to have revenge on their oppressors. It is not a place for activists motivated by personal angst, group prejudice, or a desire to better participate in an unfair world system at the expense of others or our planet. Nor is this a forum for continuing the antagonism between minority groups looking for greater rights and conservatives attempting to maintain the status quo. We must realize that in a global culture localized activism that does not consider its effects on the planet or the other people around the globe can do as much harm as good. Privilege is relative, and today we have the need and the means to tackle it on a global scale.

You are welcome to participate in the PPGM if you can rise to the level where anger dissipates due to a more inclusive view of humanity, and the understanding that personal and cultural development happens along a continuum we all traverse on the way to more complex thought. This allows us to recognize that systemic constructs like racism, ableism, patriarchy, and religious intolerance have been in place for much of humanity’s history, that no one is responsible for the state of the world we were born into, and that we do not have the right to force anyone to “develop” or to believe differently than they do no matter how “advanced” we may feel our values are. We can, though, work to put into place systems that reduce the amount of harm people holding more exclusive thought can cause. In other words, we are all, individually and collectively, works in progress and that recognition is crucial to participate in this project.

Scholars from all academic disciplines are urged to engage this effort. Somehow we need to put the knowledge acquired in the academy to more urgent and productive use than it has been in the past. But while each discipline will bring forth truth according to that perspective, no field will be allowed to privilege its knowledge or way of validating it, or to dominate the discussion. As long as the scholars in each field agree that the data representing that discipline is valid, that truth will be allowed at the table.

Those experts outside of academia whose knowledge is experiential are also needed to participate. This does not mean that opinion, speculation, or popular myths will hold weight in the discussion. In this case, “truth” will be validated by the agreement of other experts in that profession with the credited experience to do so.

My future friends, we are walking into the unknown. It will take as much humility as it will courage, and we will have many people who think we are naïve. That’s okay. Visionaries have seldom been valued during their own life times. This project, by nature, is not about personal recognition—it is service to humanity. We will be at this for some time, and we will all have to support one another to see it through. We have to release ourselves into the flow and resist the tendency to take ourselves, or even the project, too seriously. As such, I suggest that we all hold our participation lightly, that we grow through the process, and that we integrate new knowledge as it comes available.

Finally, for the present and short-term future this discussion will take place on my site. I will do my best to filter comments made here and include those I feel offer value, insight, or knowledge to the discussion. I will not allow personal attacks on others (whether in general or directed at people in this forum) nor will I post comments I feel to be divisive, uninformed, or dismissive of this effort.

Thank you all for reading.

Robert A. Kezer

22 April 2015



The Project for a People’s Global Mandate (PPGM) begins the process of humanity assuming it’s right as the ultimate sovereign on Earth, based on the following facts:

  1. Those that are governed have the right to say how they are governed.
  2. That governments and corporations exist to serve the people, rather than people existing to serve them.
  3. That with the Internet and almost instantaneous communications humanity now has a global voice from which we can create a global politic.
  4. That through a global politic humanity can now claim its right and responsibility to dictate how governments and corporations conduct business on our planet.
  5. That today some people from all cultures, religions, and nationalities are reaching levels of thought where they have moved past the differences that have defined humanity in the past, and instead are embracing the commonalities that will unite us in the future.
  6. That we can create a transparent environment in cyber space where those people reaching more inclusive thought can articulate their highest values and ideas for transforming our world system, and humanity can identify those that are the most fair, inclusive, and sustainable for framing the People’s Global Mandate.
  7. That we can bring together the world’s foremost experts from a wide range of disciplines representing varied perspectives to draft a People’s Global Mandate consisting of a World Constitution, an updated Universal Bill of Human Rights, and a Bill of Planetary Sustainability.
  8. That while many people cannot now envision these ideas on their own, they can understand them and rise to the level needed to follow them (such as the people of the United States did when adopting our country’s constitution and bill of rights).
  9. That humanity, upon creating a People’s Global Mandate agreed to by the majority of the people, has the right to then claim ultimate sovereignty on the earth and dictate conduct by governments and corporations in the world system.
  10. That humanity has the right and the ability to wage an ongoing locally directed decentralized international nonviolent campaign to sanction any government or corporation that violates the People’s Global Mandate.

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