The World Constitution

(Note: This content is still under development.)

The World Constitution

Constitution: “the system of beliefs and laws by which a country, state, or organization is governed; a document that describes this system” Merriam Webster

The creation of a World Constitution first requires identifying the most fair, just, and sustainable values the majority of humanity wants to frame our world system. These general guidelines framing the constitution must then be made specific legal and civil rights informing the Global Declaration of Human Rights. The World Constitution must state humanity’s right as the ultimate sovereign on the planet, that we are assuming that right, and that we will use an ongoing decentralized, locally directed, international nonviolent campaign to enforce that right.

To begin the discussion, the following thirteen values are offered for inclusion in developing the People’s Global Mandate:

1) We affirm that humanity is one race made up of many variations, all of which enjoy equal status on the planet.

2) We affirm that within the human race the primary differentiation is gender, and since our physical differences cause us to see and enact life in different ways we need an equal representation of men and women in leadership throughout every level of society.

3) We affirm that our planetary resources are communal property to be used, shared, and protected by all people on the planet.

4) We affirm that all people have basic rights to life, self-expression, lifestyle, and the pursuit of happiness that can never be infringed on by those in power.

5) We affirm that for the common good, all people have the right to basic universal health care throughout their lives, paid for by the public fund.

6) We affirm that for the common good, all people have the right to merit-based universal education paid for by the public fund, based on their ability and willingness to engage an appropriate amount of public service afterwards.

7) We affirm that, for the common good, all public elections from the local to national level will be paid for by the public fund, with no private money or outside influence allowed.

8) We affirm that for the common good, the minimum working wage will be based on the minimum living wage for that particular location.

9) We affirm that war is no longer acceptable, that all nuclear weapons must be destroyed, all standing armies should be disbanded, and that we use our past military capacities to form a joint global response force to deal with natural disasters and international problems requiring our combined efforts.

10) We accept our status as members of nature with rights and responsibilities consummate with our ability to affect the world.

11) We affirm that we have been gifted with this world from our ancestors, and we commit to passing it on to our children in a healthier, more peaceful, and more sustainable state than when we received it.

12) We affirm that all religions and all people, whether they choose to believe in a god or not, enjoy equal status under that god.

13) We affirm that animosities of our past, regardless of the harm committed, are bygones—that we do not forget the lessons from our history, but we do forgive the horror done in learning them.

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